Jenny Smith

The PostNatal Package

Private postnatal care to guide you throughout your postnatal journey, at home or online.

The Postnatal Package - £900

My Postnatal package is designed to give new mums and birthing partners reassurance and the tools to manage life with a new baby.

Care can continue up to 6 to 8 weeks after the arrival of your newborn, but can also be extended in some cases.

With care and kindness, I will work with you to provide postnatal support and clinical advice, as well as being a constant voice and sounding board, when needed, through calls and texts.

I will visit you at home, or place of your choosing, six times, carrying out all wellbeing checks on both you and your baby. And, of course, will be on hand to answer any of your questions.

Details of the Postnatal package

Home visits: 6 visits, carrying out wellbeing clinical checks on both mother and baby.

Breastfeeding support and guidance, as well as formula feeding guidance.

24 hour, on calls and text messages.

All packages can be paid in monthly instalments over 36 weeks.


Who provides my postnatal care?

If you are with me on a complete package I will provide your postnatal are as a private midwife.

If you wish for a private postnatal package only, I can provide you with that as a private midwife.

All women will be provided with a NHS postnatal service, should they not wish to uptake a private service.

"Jenny looked after for my pregnancy, birth and postpartum for both my daughters and honestly I dont know what I would have done without her.

I was able to get int touch with Jenny 24/7 with any worries or questions I may have had and she would always put my mind at rest. I always looked forward to my antenatal appointments,

Jenny has such a good way of making one feel excited about everything and takes any worry you may have away. I had to have C sections with both my daughters and Jenny was me throughout the births keeping me and my husband calm.

There were some complications during my second C section, and without Jenny by my side I honestly think it would have taken me much longer to recover she was by side the whole time! I had to stay in hospital for a little while and Jenny was there everyday looking after me and going out of her way to help me in anyway possible. I am truly indebted to Jenny and I could not recommend her more! And what’s more is she now a friend who I regularly keep in touch with."