Jenny Smith

PostNatal Sessions

Ensuring that both you and your baby are doing well

Postnatal Sessions - from £100

My postnatal sessions are fun, informative and designed to ensure that both you and your baby are doing well.

Postnatal sessions can be run up to 6-8 weeks after birth. They are designed to provide you with that extra confidence, should you need it, to embrace motherhood and bond even more deeply with your baby.


Details of the Postnatal sessions

Booking: At home.

As many as the mother would like, up to 6 to 8 weeks after birth.

Postnatal availability:
To be agreed between mother and Jenny.

Single Postnatal session:
£100 per hour.


Who provides my postnatal care?

If you are with me on a complete package I will provide your postnatal are as a private midwife.

If you wish for a private postnatal package only, I can provide you with that as a private midwife.

All women will be provided with a NHS postnatal service, should they not wish to uptake a private service.