Jenny Smith

Natural Caesarian Sessions

Prepare for a natural caesarean, with practical and psychological support

Natural Caesarian Sessions - £100 per hour

I am delighted to offer this session which prepares you and your partner for a natural caesarean and also gives your practical and psychological support offering choices in preparation before and after and giving you confidence for the birthday and beyond.
The natural caesarean is  a family-centred approach to a caesarean section which has changed caesarean globally, as increasingly more hospitals, embrace this technique.
The key elements being the mother and partner see their baby born at the same time as the professional team, delayed cord clamping at caesarean, (now shown to benefit all babies at birth), and skin-to-skin contact immediately or soonest as possible with the mother, which ensures the baby adapts more quickly to being born and enhances bonding and parental involvement.
This class can be offered in UK and abroad, in person or zoom

Details of the Natural Caesarian Session

Booking: At home. This can be in UK or abroad.

As many as you would like.

To be agreed between mother and Jenny.

In-person session:
£100 per hour.

Via Zoom: £80 per hour


What clinical care do you give me in labour?

In normal pregnancy and birth I would follow guidance in the surveilance in both mother and baby. If any abnormality occurs within labour you would be transferred to the labour ward to ensure safety of yourself and your baby, and obstetric and neonatal teams would be involved, as required.

I would continue to be your midwife throughout labour and birth.

What environment would I have in labour?

As far as possible, I would always try and keep the environment as calm as possible, allowing for mobility in labour and use of water if chosen, supporting you with a ‘head uterus’ connection and relaxing breathing techniques and body relaxation methods.

"Having Jenny as my midwife for my first baby was such a magical experience. She made me feel so comfortable and safe and loved throughout my pregnancy and birth. No ask was too small or big for her, and she was there for me every step of the way. My son’s birth was the most incredible day- and Jenny seemed to vanish into the background so it felt like it was just me, my partner and my son, whilst she was actually keeping everything going and looking after me so well.

Jenny is a truly special woman, and a phenomenally talented and knowledgable midwife. I cannot imagine anyone better to care for you during the amazing transition and journey of pregnancy and birth. The fact that she delivered me as well, all those years ago, just made the experience even more magical. I am forever grateful to have Jenny in my life.

When a small complication was found late in my pregnancy, Jenny was right there with me and talked me through everything with love and care, and gave me as much time as I needed to process everything and decide how I wanted to move forward. She TRUSTED me at every stage, and when the birth was in a more medical setting than we had originally planned, I didn’t even notice it, as Jenny created such a calm and peaceful atmosphere that the birth was still the most natural and gentle process."