Jenny Smith

Ad hoc individual sessions

Private sessions, offered at any time during your pregnancy, pre-birth, and afterwards.

Ad hoc individual sessions - from £80 per hour

These sessions can be offered at any time during your pregnancy, pre-birth, and afterwards.

If at any stage you would like a calm conversation to discuss any questions you may have in your pregnancy leading up to birth or beyond

We can have a conversation and I can listen to your needs and wishes and offer psychological and practical help and support giving you choices and information and resources.

The aim is to offer kindness and support and be there when you need an extra conversation or extra antenatal education.

These conversations can be ad hoc or may lead to a continuum of conversations as you progress through your journey.

These sessions can be offered in UK at home or on Zoom in UK or abroad

Details of the sessions

Booking: At home (£100 per session) or on Zoom in the UK or abroad (£80 per session)

As many as you would like.

Single session: £100 per hour

Online session:
£80 per hour.


What clinical care do you give me in labour?

In normal pregnancy and birth I would follow guidance in the surveilance in both mother and baby. If any abnormality occurs within labour you would be transferred to the labour ward to ensure safety of yourself and your baby, and obstetric and neonatal teams would be involved, as required.

I would continue to be your midwife throughout labour and birth.

What environment would I have in labour?

As far as possible, I would always try and keep the environment as calm as possible, allowing for mobility in labour and use of water if chosen, supporting you with a ‘head uterus’ connection and relaxing breathing techniques and body relaxation methods.

"Jenny was a crucial and invaluable person within our pregnancy journey. During our prenatal care she imparted an ANTENATAL class that prepared us for our planned caesarean.

As a first time mom, going into labour is a foreign concept, however going into major surgery felt even more daunting. Jenny provided us with the right balance of information and comfort. She prepared us with a realistic yet extremely positive outlook as to what we could expect both on the day of the c-section, as well as afterwards. I felt calm, positive and ready to meet my baby girl.

Both my husband and I felt that our positive attitude was in part due to our conversations with Jenny and her professional take on how to best handle each moment."