Jenny Smith

The Private Continuum package

This premier package consists of full antenatal, labour and postnatal support and care in London.

The Private Continuum package (includes antenatal, labour and postnatal care) - £4,000

Please note: availability dependent on labour due dates.

Single session and unique antenatal and postnatal packages are also available.

Pregancy is a wonderful time and experience for most expectant mothers. However, for some, it can be a daunting prospect.

As an experienced midwife, with over thirty five years helping mothers bring their beautiful children into the world, I am honoured to be able to share this journey with you.

My Private Continuum package provides expectant mothers and their partners with an unmatched antenatal, labour and postnatal service. I will be there for you before the big day, providing medical and emotional support throughout your pregancy.

When your baby is ready to come into the world, I will be there for you at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital throughout the duration of your labour (dependent on labour due dates).

And, afterwards, I will help you  readjust to life with your baby, giving you the confidence to thrive during this most wonderful of times!

Please see below for a full breakdown of what is offered and where services are carried out.

Details of the Private Continuum package

Booking: At the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, and then weekly until the birth.

Antenatal availability:
24 hour, on calls and text messages.

All booking tests and scans via NHS at Chelsea and Westminster (unless you are arranging your own private scans).

Labour care:
Labour care will be provided at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and I will be paid bank hours.

Postnatal care:
Postnatal care will include 4 home visits.

Postnatal availability:
24 hour text and support on phone.

What does the full package of midwifery care entail?

I will see you every month until 28 weeks, and then two weekly until 36 weeks, and weekly until the birth. This includes labour and postnatal care.

How is the AnteNatal and PostNatal package different?

With the AnteNatal package, I will provide clinical care for you during pregnancy. This may be in combination with the PostNatal package, where I will see you at home following the birth.

What does the birth rehearsal involve?

This is a two hour session specifically tailored for your plans for birth, whether it be a normal birth or caesarean section.

Jenny Smith turned the daunting prospect of birth into something we were excited about. Come the time, I felt empowered and prepared and unafraid. I knew my partner was fully informed of my choices and was able to support me brilliantly. We should all feel confident and positive about labour, not fearful of it. Every woman deserves to feel that way
Rachael Stirling and Guy Garvey