Jenny Smith

Birth Rehearsal Session

A tailored birth rehearsal session, where we explore and rehearse the type of birth you would like.

Birth Rehearsal Session - from £100

I offer a tailored birth rehearsal session, where we can discuss any wishes you have for your labour, explore and write out a plan, and rehearse the type of birth you would like.

This session is about getting as close as possible to emulating the birth whilst thinking, in a positive way, about all of your options in all types of birth.

Details of the Birth Rehearsal Session

Booking: At your home or place of choosing.

As many as you would like.

To be agreed between mother and Jenny.

Birth rehearsal session:
£100 per hour.


What clinical care do you give me in labour?

In normal pregnancy and birth I would follow guidance in the surveilance in both mother and baby. If any abnormality occurs within labour you would be transferred to the labour ward to ensure safety of yourself and your baby, and obstetric and neonatal teams would be involved, as required.

I would continue to be your midwife throughout labour and birth.

What environment would I have in labour?

As far as possible, I would always try and keep the environment as calm as possible, allowing for mobility in labour and use of water if chosen, supporting you with a ‘head uterus’ connection and relaxing breathing techniques and body relaxation methods.