Jenny Smith

Birth Trauma sessions

Providing you with the strength and confidence to rebuild your family relationships and parenting skills

Birth Trauma sessions - from £100

Birth trauma is the emotional and psychological distress a mother experiences during her childbirth experience. It can also include physical injury but is more often about the long-term effects on emotional well-being and health.

I will listen to your personal birth journey with a kind, calm, sensitive approach and support you in regaining and rebuilding your confidence in relationships and parenting.

I am BTR trained and will use techniques that reduce feelings of panic and fear through teaching guided breathing exercises, guided visualization, and guided relaxation to neutralize strong feelings associated with the birth experience.

This will give you a personal toolkit for you to handle anxiety and ensure you’re better placed to progress with life, relationships, and motherhood.

Details of the Birth Trauma sessions

Booking: At your home.

As often as you feel you need them.

To be agreed between mother and Jenny.

Single birth trauma session:
£100 per hour.


Who can I help with birth trauma?

I have been trained as a BTR midwife. This allows me to support women who have experienced trauma during pregnancy, labour and birth. However, if there are other underlying psychological issues, I will discuss with you the requirement to seek treatment with a qualified a psychotherapist or psychiatrist.

How many sessions should you expect to have?

The number of sessions required are using 2 to 4, depending on your requirements.

Jenny is the most incredible midwife. I felt so nervous about having my second baby as I’d had complications with my first due to my cervix shortening. Jenny was with me every step of the way, making me feel safe, secure and confident in my pregancy and my birth. My son Ezra has thrived since the moment he took his first breath and I thank my lucky stars for having Jenny as my midwife.