Jenny Smith

Birth Trauma

Reframe difficult memories into healthier, happier ones.

What is Birth Trauma?

Birth trauma, which is the common term for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is the emotional and psychological distress a mother experiences after childbirth. It can also include physical injury but is more often about the long term effects on emotional wellbeing and health.

I offer fast and effective treatment that works by helping you to reframe a trauma memory into one that is normal.

I will guide you through your birth trauma experience in the following ways:

  • Listening to your birth experience with empathy and kindness
  • Learning how to recognise the signs of birth trauma
  • Rebuilding your confidence in your family relationships and your parenting skills
  • Teaching you breathing techniques that will help you to relax and lessen feelings of anxiety and panic
  • Giving you a personalised guided relaxation to download
  • Helping you to release negative emotions associated with your birth experience, so that you can think about it without experiencing panic or fear

How Does it Work?

Birth Trauma sessions

Single birth trauma session at your home. 
£100 per hour


Who can I help with birth trauma?

I have been trained as a BTR midwife. This allows me to support women who have experienced trauma during pregnancy, labour and birth. However, if there are other underlying psychological issues, I will discuss with you the requirement to seek treatment with a qualified a psychotherapist or psychiatrist.

How many sessions should you expect to have?

The number of sessions required are using 2 to 4, depending on your requirements.

I am just one woman. Jenny has helped through what for many an unpredictable pregnancy odyssey. She is a steady reassuring hand, giving above and beyond what is expected of a midwife. She became my comrade in my journey, and still walks beside me.