Jenny Smith

AnteNatal sessions

Making sure you are well looked after, and prepared, during your pregnancy

Antenatal sessions - from £100

My antenatal sessions are designed to support you by offering a holistic individualized approach to empower you for any type of birth.

Listening to your needs and wishes, offering resources, and exploring different options for pregnancy and birth will guide you to a “head-uterus connection” benefiting you both physically and psychologically, giving you confidence to look forwards to being a mother.

These sessions can be tailored to your needs and support your wishes answering your questions about life during and after pregnancy.

Details of the Antenatal sessions

Booking: At home.

As many as you would like.

Antenatal availability:
To be agreed between mother and Jenny.

Single Antenatal session:
£100 per hour

Two hour birthing rehearsal session:


Who provides my antenatal care?

As a private midwife I can provide your continuity of midwifery care. This will be in addition to any NHS clinical care which you might require, such as seeing an obsterician, ultrasound scans, etc

Who provides my postnatal care?

As a private midwife I can also provide private post natal care, or you could have postnatal care provided by the NHS. I will always be happy to discuss the options available to you.

Are you insured?

As a private midwife I am insured by the Royal College of Nursing for antenatal and postnatal care. For labour care this will be covered by the NHS at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, and I will be paid by the hospital as a bank midwife.

What are your qualifications?

NMC (nursing midwifery council), registered nurse, registered midwife, advanced diploma in midwifery, PGCEA and BTRT (birth trauma resolution trained).

"Jenny was an invaluable support through one of the most traumatic periods of my life. My son was diagnosed with type 3 osteogenesis imperfecta – a severe form of brittle bone disease.

What the sonographer had seen and the fetal specialist confirmed was that he had fractures on his femurs while in utero. Jenny was a shoulder to cry on when doctors repeatedly offered termination.

She held my hand helping me navigate a foreign medical system, and when my needs weren’t met by the NHS, she advocated and strategized on how we could seek outside help through specialists she knew. On the day of the scheduled c-section she was there beside me. It felt like we had climbed Everest and the actual birth was planting the flag.

Nine months later I finally had the chance to introduce my son to Jenny again. He was calm in her presence. She remarked on how she felt she knew him already. Attending the numerous scans with me and watching him while inside my womb somehow had built a bond between them. He knew her voice.

I am just one woman Jenny Smith has helped through what is for many an unpredictable pregnancy odyssey. She is a steady reassuring hand, giving above and beyond what is expected of a midwife. She became a comrade in my journey, and she still walks beside me."